All students at Calvary Lutheran School participate in music, where they come to a greater appreciation for the blessings music brings to their lives. Students in K-8th grade enjoy music classes at least once each week.

The music curriculum begins with basic concepts in the lower grades and leads to comprehensive musical knowledge in the upper grades. Students get to explore singing, performing on pitched and non-pitched instruments, composing, reading musical notation, and listening to music. Music also teaches students to make connections to other arts, history, and cultures. We follow state standards for music curriculum at each grade level.

Music Ensembles

Students in the 4th-8th grade are able to participate in enhanced music programs:

Band (5-8th grade): Beginning students learn how to play their instrument and read music. Cooperation and teamwork are also important components of this program. Advanced band students continue to build on this base. Students perform for chapel services, as well as the Christmas and spring concerts. Beginning band (5th grade) rehearses on Wednesday and Friday at 8:35 a.m. Advanced band (6-8th grade) rehearses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:45 a.m. Students may purchase or rent their instruments.

Chimes (6th grade) & Handbells (7-8th grade): Students learn how to properly play handchimes and/or handbells, read music, and cooperate with others to perform beautiful music. These ensembles perform for chapel and worship services, special events, and the Christmas and spring concerts. Students rehearse on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Vocal Choir (4-5th grade & 6-8th grade): Students learn to sing in parts, work as an ensemble, and blend together to create a uniform sound. The choir sings for chapel and worship services, special events, and the Christmas and spring concerts. Professionals as well as students accompany them to give members a sense of the beauty of collaboration. Students in 4th and 5th grade rehearse on Monday and Wednesday. Students in 6-8th grade rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday.

Additional Musical Opportunities

All Calvary students in K-8th grade have the opportunity to participate in musicals and the annual Christmas program. Students are able to experience the process of presenting a dramatic production through these offerings.